Top 16 Monitor Dell,HP,ASUS, Samsung,LG,Acer,Philips,lenovo

Top 16 Monitor Manufacturers and Models and Monitor Prices

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1.Dell: Dell is a well-known producer of computer hardware and offers a broad selection of monitors for use in a variety of settings, including gaming, office work, and artistic endeavors.

2.HP (Hewlett-Packard): HP produces monitors with a variety of sizes and functions for both consumer and commercial use.

3.ASUS: ASUS is well-known for its gaming monitors, but they also provide a wide range of displays for a range of uses, including business and general use.

4.Samsung: Samsung manufactures a variety of monitors, including curved gaming monitors and premium screens for professionals.

5.LG:UltraWide displays, 4K monitors, and UltraGear gaming monitors are just a few of the several types of monitors LG offers.

6.Acer: With a focus on offering reasonably priced solutions with good performance, Acer manufactures monitors for gaming and productivity.

7.BenQ: BenQ is well-known for their gaming monitors, which come with features like fast refresh rates and quick response times.

8.ViewSonic: ViewSonic manufactures monitors for both professionals and consumers, with displays enhanced for gaming and color accuracy.

9.NEC: NEC is a manufacturer of high-quality monitors for use in professional applications like graphic design, video editing, and medical imaging.

10.EIZO:Targeting professionals in industries including photography, design, and healthcare, EIZO is well known for its high-quality, color-accurate monitors.

11.Philips: Philips produces a variety of monitors, including ones with curved displays and some that include cutting-edge features like Ambiglow lighting.

12.Sony: Sony produces professional-grade monitors for video editing and broadcasting, as well as consumer displays.

13.Apple: Apple produces high-resolution screens, such the Pro Display XDR, primarily for their Mac computers.

14.Lenovo: Lenovo offers monitors for both business and consumer use, including displays with ergonomic features for office environments.

15.AOC: AOC offers a range of monitors, including inexpensive options for daily use and gaming screens.

16.Alienware: A Dell subsidiary, Alienware is known for its high refresh rate gaming monitors and gamer-specific features.

Top 16 monitors

1.Dell24 Inches₹12,200
2.HP21.5-Inch Full HD₹10,192
3.ASUS23.8 Inches₹10,967
4.Samsung34 Inches₹39,099
5.LG54.6 Centimetres₹7,699
6.Acer23.8 Inch₹7,688
7.BenQ27 Inches₹30,990
8.ViewSonic23.8 Inches₹11,999
9.NEC22 Inchesunavailable
10EIZO37.5 Inches₹1,97,120
11Philips48.8 Inches₹1,03,900
12.Sony27 Inches$898.00
13.Apple27 inchUnavailable
14.Lenovo24 inch₹8,999
15.AOC24 Inch₹11,000
16.Alienware:27 Inches₹1,05,799

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