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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z: These wireless in-ear headphones have a long battery life, good sound quality, and a comfortable fit. They have rapid charging and are appropriate for usage when traveling oneplus earphone.

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A forerunner to the Bullets Wireless Z, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 has even better features and sound quality. They had a longer battery life with a magnetic control for pausing and playing music.

The OnePlus Buds are genuine wireless earbuds made to rival other well-liked models on the market. They provided a harmony of connectivity, comfort, and sound quality.

The OnePlus Buds Pro are a more expensive model in the company’s earphone line that includes active noise cancellation (ANC) for a better listening experience.

OnePlus Type-C Bullets: These are wired in-ear headphones that connect via a USB Type-C port, which was the standard for OnePlus smartphones at the time. They offered good sound quality and convenience.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition: Similar to the Bullets Wireless Z but with an emphasis on bass-heavy sound for those who prefer more pronounced bass in their music oneplus earphone

BrandModel NameColourForm FactorConnectivity TechnologyPrices Buy New

Buds Pro
Matte Black

In Ear



Magico Black

In Ear
Wireless, Bluetooth v5


OnePlus Nord Wired Earphone- Black

In EarWired₹799



Booming Black

In Ear
Wireless, Bluetooth₹2,299



Acoustic Red
In EarWireless, Bluetooth V5₹1,999

OnePlus Buds: The OnePlus Buds were truly wireless earbuds with a secure fit and excellent sound quality. They provided capabilities including touch controls, speedy connection with OnePlus devices, and a small charging case.

OnePlus Buds Pro: These were a more expensive version of the OnePlus Buds that supported Dolby Atmos, had active noise cancellation (ANC), and had a design geared toward audiophiles and people looking for a high-end music experience.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless: The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z and the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 are neckband-style wireless earphones that OnePlus also sells. These earbuds had a reputation for having a secure fit, a long battery life, and quick charging abilities.

OnePlus Wireless Z: The OnePlus Wireless Z was an affordable set of wireless headphones with a lightweight design and long battery life intended for busy consumers.

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