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creators of the Pixel 6a The Pixel 6a is extremely intelligent, safe, and powerful thanks to Google Tensor. It’s the first semiconductor that Google specifically created for the Pixel the battery that adheres to your example The Adaptive Battery on the Google Pixel has a 24-hour battery life.1 It learns which apps you use the most frequently so that it won’t waste power on those a camera that enables creative expression Utilize Face Unblur to make faces appear more defined, Real Tone to capture stunningly realistic images of various skin tones, and Magic Eraser in Google Photos to remove undesired items 2 Google pixel 6Aphone

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The greatest phone on the market, a CPU of the highest caliber, and any phone have made their command on a single item, but one has to pay attention to many other vital elements as well. There is therefore still a lot of hope that the phone will function. If someone wants a phone for gaming, it should have a good processor; if they want a phone with a decent camera, the phone won’t work even if the camera is good. Although it is available, we’re going to talk about the Google Pixal 6a phone today because it was created just for cameras. Google Pixal is introducing some incredible phones.

launching price

A mid-range smartphone is Google’s phone. The Google Pixel 6a was introduced on the Indian market a very long time ago. Google simultaneously unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in India. The Google Pixel 6a is available for Rs 43,999. The Pixel 6 Pro’s price was also unchanged at Rs 44,000. 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM were provided for this pricing.


Despite the fact that the Google Pixel 6a is a mid-range smartphone, it feels utterly premium in your palm. It has a strong design and is comparable to the Pixel 6 Pro. People will feel that this phone is a prime phone if they see you carrying it in the market because it has a premium appearance.


The UI on Pixel smartphones is excellent. You can take pleasure in the Pixel Experience. Despite having a 60Hz display, the phone is readily competitive with 90Hz displays. Additionally, the phone contains Google’s own Tensor chip, which provides it flagship performance. When utilizing the camera for a long time, the phone feels some impact. When compared to other phones, the phone functions quite effectively. We can play BGMI on the Pixel 6A with the highest graphics settings, but the phone was not made with games in mind. There is a good chance that the phone will be popular if you play the game for a while Google pixel 6Aphone


This is not a rumor; Google Pixal’s phone directly competes with the OnePlus smartphone and the iPhone. The phone sports two 12MP lenses: a primary 12MP lens and an ultra wide 12MP lens. It sports an 8MP front camera for taking selfies. Should you desire this 12MP camera. If the camera appears smaller, you are utterly mistaken. This phone produces superior results and is comparable to the 12MP camera in iPhone phones when compared to several smartphones that include 50MP cameras. Any phone’s photo will look excellent if its CPU is good.


The Google Pixel 6a costs a lot of money. You receive a sizable discount when you pay for the phone with a card. The phone normally costs roughly Rs. 43900, but if you get it right now on Flipkart, you can get it for just Rs. 25000. The phone’s pricing varies greatly and occasionally reaches Rs 29000. The availability of Android 13 and other updates will last for two years, while security updates will be provided for five years. There is Gorilla Glass 3 projection in the phone.

battery backup

Every time you buy a phone, you assume that the battery will last for a long time because the longer the battery lasts, the longer the phone will last. However, in this case, you might be a little let down because the phone only has a standard 4300mah battery. Also supported for charging the phone is 18W fast charging. The phone’s charge could take as long as two hours.

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