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Ambrane is a company that specializes in electronic accessories, including power banks, chargers, and cables. The “Ambrane Unbreakable 60W / 3A Fast Charging” is a product or technological characteristic that is probably connected to Ambrane. What this description normally signifies is as follows fast charging cable.

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Ambrane: Ambrane is a business that specializes in producing and marketing a range of electrical gadgets and accessories, particularly for mobile and portable devices. They provide a variety of goods, such as cables, earbuds, power banks, chargers, and more.

Unbreakable: In this context, the phrase “Unbreakable” denotes that the product or component, which frequently refers to a charging cable or connector, is made to be extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. It suggests that the cable is more dependable as a daily option because it is less likely to break or get damaged easily.

Fast Charging at 60W / 3A: This section of the description details the product’s charging capabilities. For the purpose of rapid charging, it is specified that the product or cable may offer a maximum power output of 60 watts (60W) or a current of 3 amperes (3A).

Ambrane Unbreakable 60W / 3A Fast Charging 1.5m Check Prices

The highest power output that the cable or charger can support is 60W. For compatible devices, a higher wattage often equals quicker charging.

3A: The charger or cable can give a significant electrical current to the device, which is necessary for quick charging, thanks to its 3 amps of current capability.

Practically speaking, this Ambrane Unbreakable 60W / 3A Fast Charging product should charge your device faster than regular chargers or cables if you have a suitable device (like a smartphone or tablet) that supports fast charging. The fact that the cable is "unbreakable" means that it is made to be durable and long-lasting.

It's crucial to remember that the efficiency of fast charging may also depend on the compatibility of your device and the charger, so make sure to confirm that both your device and the cable are compatible before using fast charging. Furthermore, even though the cable is advertised as "unbreakable," it is still best to handle it gently to increase its lifespan.

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